5% Donation Program

Schools get 5% of all purchases donated to their school.

Register your school to get 5% of all purchases donated to your school.  When you register, your school will also get a FREE custom web page that shows only those uniforms that meet your schools uniform requirements.

Great for Schools and Parents!
  • No Fees
  • No Contracts to Sign
  • No Confusion over Uniform Requirements
How It Works
  1. Register your school
  2. Provide us with your school’s uniform policy
  3. We’ll create a custom web page for your school with uniforms that match your school’s uniform policy
  4. Share your custom link with parents
    Eliminate confusion over uniform policies by making Leadership Uniforms your school’s exclusive provider of uniforms
  5. At the end of each year, your school will receive a donation for 5% of all purchases made from your custom web page during the year


We are not accepting new registrations at this time. Please check back later.