Leadership Uniforms is Colorado Springs’ leading uniform supplier.


All of our uniforms are premium quality and resist shrinking, fading, and ripping. We have sizes to fit every child from 4-20 years old. We also stock multiple colors and styles to help you meet your school’s uniform requirements.


We go out of our way to provide the highest level of customer service possible. We understand that uniform requirements can sometimes be difficult to follow. If you need help deciding what to order, just contact us. We will work with you to get the proper size and color to meet your child’s and your school’s uniform requirements. And if you accidentally order the wrong thing, just return it, and we will ship you the uniform you need.


Not only do we work with our schools to stock uniforms that meet their requirements, we also give back by donating 5% of every purchase to our schools. We also help schools reduce confusion over their uniform policy by creating custom web pages with uniforms that meet our school’s uniform policies. By doing this, we free up valuable time schools spend answering parent questions over their uniform policy. Instead of answering phones, schools can send parents to their custom Leadership Uniforms web page. When parents order from a schools’ custom web page, parents get the right uniforms without having to guess if they are meeting their school’s uniform policy.


Leadership Uniforms was founded in 2018 by Scott Curry, a local Colorado Springs businessman and fashion designer. Leadership Uniforms is owned by Leadership Apparel, LLC.